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​Albino solid red juvenile

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 We are proudly Canadian whose fish roots stem   back to the early 1960`s when this fascination with breeding and showing these beautiful fish began. At that time guppies didn`t look anything like they do now. Through many years of selective breeding by many dedicated "old time" true guppy hobbyists, they have become the freshwater jewels of the fish world they are today. 
We are both retired now and are full time breeder/hobbyists that focus on raising our fish for              - not for quantity and we strive to improve each generation with tried and true 
selective breeding practises. 
 Although we are currently not showing in the IFGA circuit due to some major health issues for both of us, this unfortunately keeps us north of the border and closer to home but we continue to raise our guppies with the same passion and commitment.
Now 50 + years of dedication in this hobby speaks volumes for the health and quality of the fish that we have produced in the past and continue to produce today. 
Over several decades, some of our IFGA guppy strains have originated from award winning Stan Schubel and Gary Mousseau lines and we also acquired and raise some spectacular varieties from some top award winning Asian lines. Some of these Asian strains feature the high dorsal or "half thumb" shaped dorsals. Although these dorsal shapes do not conform with IFGA show standards, they conform in every other aspect and are recognized show quality throughout Asia. These are truly spectacular in their own right. We enjoy working with these to bring their standard up to meet North American standards.
We work constantly with improving all of our lines and integrate several compatible strains together to create some of the best quality bred pure breeding lines around. By selectively breeding, this creates a more diverse gene pool and the fish are stronger and healthier for it. 
Most fish we offer for sale are between 3 + and 5 months of age depending on growth rates of certain strains. 
We generally do not sell fish younger than 3 months old as these are too young to assess for quality and we do not sell culls as breeding stock.
All of our fish are also deltas. We do not breed any veils.
Some of our strains are available from time to time in 2 lines. This is extremely useful in line breeding and removes the uncertainty of the introduction of complete outcrosses in most cases; albino strains and black Moscows being the exception. Our fish are healthy, raised in a disease free environment and many are ranked amongst some of the best quality anywhere.
If it`s top quality, well bred fish you are looking for then look no further because that`s all we breed!

          There are poor quality reds, good quality reds
           and then there is the BEST quality reds.
          This stunning line of pure RREA albino solid reds 
          are        , not orange like other lines, but brilliant   
          intense red. Reputed to be one of the best lines in the 
          world and I won`t argue that fact. We have 
          worked hard over the past few years and have 
          managed to deepened the colour even further.
         These are a medium sized fish with fantastic finnage, 
          colour and conformation. Females grow large and  
          produce large numbers of fry. 
         A very hardy and prolific line.

          Beautiful line of albino sky blues. Great  even pastel
          colour on dorsal and caudal. This line breeds well and
          produces large batches of fry

 Black Moscow 
Blue grass male
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RREA albino solid red female
HB yellow delta
HB blue delta
This champion strain is probably from the best line of 1/2 black yellows known. Top multi year winners several years in a row on the IFGA show bench for Gary Mousseau. Large body size with beautiful yellow colouration, great conformation and a hardy prolific breeder. Females are also large and fantastic body shape and excellent colour and produce large batches of healthy fry. This line also produces a small percentage of gold bodied 1/2 black yellows. A definite bonus! 
One of the best lines of yellows anywhere ever. 
Photos of young adults

Another outstanding IFGA champion strain originating out of Schubel stock. Large body size, colour ranges from medium to deep royal blue colour. Hardy line that produces very well.
Large size and beautiful conformation on the females.
A bit of a slower grower but well worth the wait!
​Breeds true
Photo of young adults
Green deltas are another champion line originating from Stan Schubel and a top winning strain in the IFGA show circuit. We have improved this line to what you see today. Brilliant emerald green in colour and large body size when mature. Spectacular colouration throughout the entire body- head to tail. Females are large and have wonderful body conformation. One of our favourite strains for sure! You can see why...
These are NOT Moscows. Bar none, these are some of the best greens available anywhere! Breeds true.

Champion purple snakeskins deltas were ranked a multi year winning line and originated long ago from Gary Mousseau line. These are a very large bodied fish with rich purple colour and carry massive tails. Females are large and truly outstanding in size and conformation. This strain has extreme longevity in their genes. We have some in a display tank that are almost 3 years old and still going strong! We did very well showing this line in the past.
Breeds true. An award winning IFGA line for sure! Show quality adult male shown
Black Moscow female
HB yellow female
​HB blue female
                    Green female
Purple snakeskin delta
Purple snakeskin female
Gold bodied red female
Outstanding strain of show quality gold bodied reds. Medium - large sized fish with brilliant red  colouration over body and possesses wonderful conformation. These fish have the colour of the Moscow reds and the body conformation & finnage of our Schubel line. Truly a winning combination.
Beautifully proportioned females that produce large batches of healthy fry. Breeds true. If you love reds, these are it!
Show quality young adult male shown

This superior IFGA show quality line of our solid black-eyed Moscow deltas are truly outstanding. This young adult male has just grown into his fins and the photos show how solid the colouration is. They are a medium sized fish with deep velvety black colour with absolutely spectacular long flowing dorsal & super wide caudal.This line also throws a percentage of super deltas! They have a slightly slower growth rate as most all black strains do but more than make up for it in beauty and quality. Females are large and have beautiful conformation. Unlike many other black lines, this line is extremely fertile due to selective outcrossing.

 Shipping is via Canada Post by either Priority,
Express or Expedited Service 1- 2 day service. Rates are based on size, weight of package and destination.
 We ship to all provinces across Canada so please send your postal code if you would like an accurate quote. Shipping dates are Monday & Tuesdays only. Shipping in colder months ( temperatures permitting ) is by Priority or Express one day service which is the quickest and most reliable option.  Live delivery is guaranteed when received on schedule- first attempt to deliver. You must be available to accept the order.

Pick-up is also available on PRE-PAID orders  and by appointment only.
We have well over 25 years in shipping experience and professionally pack each order with care.
 All claims, although a rare occurrence MUST be made within 1 hour of confirmed Canada Post delivery and CLEARLY DEFINED photos of a fish must be received in both their original UNOPENED shipping bags. 
Shipping cost for a replacement fish is not included. 
 We reserve the right to defer a shipping date due to  extreme weather conditions - hot or cold. All fish come to you well packaged and heat packs are always provided as colder weather dictates.
We value the lives of our fish and won`t risk  shipping under extreme conditions.
​The health and safety of the fish is always our primary concern. 
Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. 
All e-mails are welcomed and answered promptly.
​If a picture says a thousand words, then these ones says it all. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would have to be exquisite. Show quality strain all the way!
Medium sized fish with large flowing dorsal and caudal with beautiful light blue colouration and fine lace pattern. Fabulous dorsal/caudal match.
 Prolific, healthy breeders with large batches of fry. Females of this line are also equally impressive! You won`t find a better line of these anywhere! Show quality adult male shown 
Green delta 
     Gold bodied red delta
Multi-red Grass delta male
Female multi-red grass
HB black AOC ( any other colour) deltas now available. Huge body size, great 1/2 black  body definition & a very hardy line.  
Great colouration and pattern.
Females also grow very large & produce exceptionally large numbers of fry when mature.
Young adult pair shown
Blue grass female                       
   HB AOC delta 

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70 gallon tank, fluorescent strip light, cabinet stand with shelves and cupboard doors- $150
12 gallon Nano cube deluxe model- use for salt water or fresh $50

Brand new packaged assorted sizes of bulk head fittings $2.00
Extra set of rims with tires (on rims) for classic Mercedes 500SL 17"
rims in excellent condition; tires have some wear but in good shape- $500

We haven`t had very many of these beautiful IFGA champion line of purples available for a while.  This outstanding championship quality strain of purples produce large sized fish with beautiful rich velvety purple colouration and perfectly matched dorsal and caudal. Stunning body colouration unique to our line. Females also large body size with beautiful conformation. They produce large batches of fry and are a very hardy strain. Photo of 5 month old juvenile male.

Stunning green Moscow deltas have it all as far as colour and quality goes. Absolutely beautiful fish and females are also equally outstanding. These girls  produce large batches of fry. Very hardy strain. They don`t get much better than this!!
Breeds true


While other breeders do not show the females they use in their breeding program, we feel it is equally important to display the photos of our beautiful quality female breeders as it is to show our exquisite breeder males. 
Our fish are generally sold in standard trios of one male and two females but are available also in pairs unless stated otherwise.
​We accept Interac (Electronic bank money transfer) only. We do not use or accept PayPal .
Interac is a preferred method of payment. It is fast, safe and secure for both parties and you have a recorded receipt of your transaction from your bank.

Aquarium forums are wonderful sites with many dedicated breeders of all kinds of livestock. Kijiji is a great place to advertise but unfortunately there are some individuals who practise deception in their sales tactics on some sites claiming false and misleading information and taking photos off of the internet or another breeder`s websites to sell their fish. If you can`t trust the authenticity of the photos that you are replying on when purchasing quality guppies, you just may not get the same fish you are paying for. Reputable guppy breeders take pride in their personal photos and have a great aversion to those who commit photo piracy and make false claims regarding the lineage or origin of their fish. All are highly unethical practices and a poor way to do business. 
My advise for what it is worth to anybody who reads this is to do some reasearch before your purchase to avoid disappointment.

$75 per trio

​$75 per trio
$60 per trio

                 PREMIUM FLAKE FOODS
Pro Master Salmon flake 

The Best of the Best!
High animal protein based guppy flakes rich in Omega 3 & 6. Vitamins A, B-12, C, D-3
Natural colour enhancer
42% animal  protein- premium seafood ingredients
11% fresh natural fats
Omega 3 -3%
Omega 6 -1%
$15.00 / 85 gr. re-sealable bag

Lavender Grass female
Rarely seen anywhere, these lavender grass deltas have magnificent colour and finnage. Beautiful match to the dorsal and caudal. 
Colour can range from light lavender to medium purple. Very beautiful fish and will throw a percentage of blue grass. ( B line) Females also have wonderful colouration and great form.

Red Moscow
Female red Moscow                        Blood  Moscow juvenile male
Superb strain of dark-eyed red Moscows! Lighter red colouration than a Blood Moscow but has the intense red of the albinos with full even colouration, great body and absolutely spectacular finnage. Picture does not due this fish justice!
Very healthy & fertile strain and produce large batches of fry.
Breeds true.
Photo of  young adult male & juvenile Blood red male
We feed a variety of foods to our fish to promote health and growth. Our fish are fed freshly hatched live baby brine shrimp 2 x`s per day and premium quality dry foods several times throughout the day. Dry foods we use such as salmon and spirulina etc. are enriched with Omega 3 & 6 and vitamins. De-capsulated brine shrimp eggs are also fed as well as our exclusive Pro Master growth formula. A 52 % animal based protein food. 
Fry and juveniles are fed sparingly but often to keep bellies full as often as possible. Quite simply, they grow faster.
Water changes are done 2 times per week to maintain water quality. All guppies need good, clean quality water- especially the big males. We use corner box filters in our tanks and these are cleaned on a monthly basis. All tanks are bare bottom for ease of maintenence and kept as clean as possible. 
Rarely seen and an absolutely beautiful yellow metal lace snakeskins strain that have a very well matched caudal/dorsal with fine lace pattern. Gorgeous metal blue head. Great body colour and pattern. Although the females are rather bland and somewhat colourless in comparison, they possess great body type and size.
Good strong fertile line that breeds 100% true.
photo of young adult male
 Yellow metal lace snakeskin 
Female yellow metal lace 
Lavender Grass male
Red Laser $10                                  Green Laser $15
    Metae  $ 5.50
 Purple delta male
Purple female
              FORMULA- Higher protein!!!!!
       Pro Master Ultra Growth formula

The absolute ULTIMATE in growth formulas. A MUST for all sizes of guppies, small tropicals and baby cory cats. Fish LOVE this palatable and easily digestable food. HIGHEST animal based protein food available!       
Protein-  NOW -55%
Fat- 16%
Vitamins A,C,D &E
$18.00 for  ( 1/2 pound) by volume
$30.00 for  ( 1 pound )   by volume
Sorry but due to the depressed Canadian dollar and higher US shipping costs price had to be increased for this food.

Panda $5
           Bilineatus $ 4

Most all of our individual fish photos are taken under natural daylight conditions with a flash. As all blues, greens and purples are reflective colours, they can show some slight variance in colour due to the effects of fluorescent or incandescent lighting and different water parameters.
We are proud of the photos we have produced to date although there is always great room for improvement. It is difficult, time consuming and very often frustrating working with a small, live and very uncooperative moving target and many hours are spent to get maybe one decent picture that is useable. We try to update photos with better ones as often as we can. All copyright photos under CQG`s logo are exclusively our personal photos of our established working breeding lines NONE of which are fraudulently copied off the internet or pirated off another breeder`s website so you can purchase your fish with 100% complete confidence all guppy pairs or trios sold by Canadian Quality Guppies are all direct blood descendant's of the fish pictured below ( and in some cases even tank-mates) and represent our quality.                                                             


  $65 per trio

$65 per trio

***NEW platinum line available in pairs only- $75
Limited availability 

   $50 per pair
One pair available

$60 per trio

$75 per trio

​        $60 per trio           

Amazing colouration variation and finnage on these multi-red grass. Fine pattern on fins wiith huge caudals. Great dorsal/caudal match. 
Beautiful fish!
Stocky well porportioned females that carry green and extended dorsal. Large batches of fry are prevalent with these. They are very hardy and will throw a small percentage of Geissen finnage.
Show quality adult male shown
HB AOC female
HB platinum pastel female
 HB platinum pastel yellow 

$55 per trio

Excellent quality strain of HB platinum pastel yellows.
Distantly related to the Mousseau HB black yellow line. Large bodied, long lived fish that are very hardy with females that have fantastic body conformation, colour, fantastic finnage and produce large batches of fry. 
Young adult pair shown

        $80 per trio


                   TANK RAISED CORYDORAS


    $75 per trio

     $75 per trio
                                         Royal Panda $ 9
Purple Moscow male
Purple Moscow female
      Pro Master premium staple flake provides 
      balanced basic diet for guppies, catfish and all
      Protein- 42%
      Fat- 11%
      Vitamins A, C, D3, & B12
      Omega 3-2%, Omega 6- 1%

           $12 / 85gr. re-sealable bag

$75 per trio

Green Moscow ( line B )
Green Moscow delta ( A line)           Female green Moscow
This beautiful show quality line of purple Moscows start off very dark and colouration comes as they start to mature. Colour ranges from beautiful dark lavender to deep royal velvety purple. Very impressive fish & fast growers for Moscows. Females overall, wonderful type and good colouration. Very prolific and hardy strain. 
Breeds true. Young adults shown

$55 per pair
2 pairs only available

Blue Moscow delta female
Blue Moscow delta male
Absolutely fabulous strain of our own IFGA quality blue Moscow deltas.These fish are large bodied, completely solid blue from head to tail with extra long flowing dorsal and long, super wide caudal.  Super impressive fish. It`s been hard to get a photo of this boy to display the full width of his huge tail. I`ll keep trying!
Females also have great body colour, size and conformation.
A very hardy strain and prolific breeder.
Breeds true. Photo of young adults 
   $75 per trio

​ Life-time IFGA member

 $ 75 per trio

 Another rare strain, these gorgeous fish are exclusively bred and developed in our hatchery. Beautiful blue metal colouration on the first half the body with snakeskin pattern on the other half. Nice spotting on dorsal and caudal; these only get better with maturity when complete spotting finishes developing. This line is extremely hardy, fertile and females grow very large and produce large batches of fry.

Blue metal snakeskin
( 3 month old juvenile male)
Blue metal snakeskin female
( young adult female)
​J & F Davis
Ontario, Canada
E-mail contact

Blue/green Moscow male
Blue green Moscow female
​                                          $75 per trio

Absolutely beautiful IFGA show quality blue/green Moscow strain.
These are a medium- large sized fish and a very hardy fertile strain.
These have a slight variance in colouration in some showing a higher percentage of blue than others but
are truly outstanding in conformation and finnage.
Absolutely gorgeous quality females. 

Committed To Raising Quality Guppies
                    since 1965
We believe in Quality over Quantity
   Red metal snakeskin 
Red metal snakeskin female
Our third strain of metal snakeskins are not only beautiful but also quite rare and very unique. A medium sized fish, these are very colourful with great blue metal colouration on half the body and good pattern on dorsal and caudal.
Females are well proportioned with nice thick stocky bodies and produce nice large batches of fry.
 Red Moscows- $75 per trio

Blood Red Moscows .This line is rarely offered or available for sale.
$ 75 per trio
Adult male
Show quality juvenile male


​                $100 per trio

​   $100 per pair
One pair only available
       sub adult male
Blue metal snakeskin male

                     $75 per trio